While students will be working on a daily basis with core-faculty, they will also attend readings, publishing talks, and receptions with a variety of nationally-recognized and prize-winning authors and editors. Upon enrollment, each student will also receive a complimentary copy of each of the visiting writers’ newest books. Bonus!

Students will take an active role in hosting the receptions for the visiting writers, affording them the opportunity to interact with them in an intimate and casual environmentThe program will culminate in a student-hosted literary “salon” on the final friday night of the session, during which the writers will have the opportunity to read from their work, introduce their workshop peers, and expand on their creative process.

Over the course of the session, the workshops will also participate in group outings to places of local literary and artistic potential – museums, bookshops, cafes – places where writers go to find their inspiration, voice, and material. The central theme or concern of these days will always be to pay close attention to the world, to write according to that, and to discuss afterward what we have individually discovered. Good writing, after all, is not inspired by classrooms alone…

Additionally, it is the belief of the Creative Writers’ Workshop at SHP that a broader sense of community emphasis be created over the course of these two weeks. While the day belongs to the students, there will be two or three supplemental programs offered to parents at night: readings and book-signings by additional writers or even a creative writing practicum (akin to those the students engage in) given by a core faculty member, and quite possibly moderated by the students themselves.

Our goal is to extend the culture of creativity beyond the classroom and into the family, the household. Wouldn’t the creative ambitions of these emerging writers be well served by also addressing  parents’ and guardians’ desire to connect and participate? We think so.


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